Monday, March 4, 2024

Enhancing The Customer Experience With Enterprise Communications-as-a-service Platforms

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The Evolution Of Embedded Enterprise Cloud Communications

The rapid pace of technology innovation has significantly changed the nature of customer communications and thus has impacted CX strategies. In addition to CX, there are opportunities for business process and workflow reinvention, fueled by the rapid adoption of instant messaging apps and emergence ofdigitalnative pioneers. Therefore, CX transformation is not only the automation of customer journey workflows but also the automation of customer interactions within these workflows (enhanced with bots and AI).

In terms of CX transformation, CPaaS facilitates rapid development of real-time communications solutions that are easy to create and scalable. For enterprise IT and developers, these platforms simplify the process of embedding programmable voice, messaging,and video applications that enable personalized and costeffective agile enterprise cloud applications. The result is that businesses have a better opportunity to reach consumers through multiple channels, leveraging both the web and mobile formats.

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