Monday, March 4, 2024

Google Announces AI Update to Improve the Gmail Search Results

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Searching for important old emails will get a lot easier, according to Google.

Recently Google announced an artificial intelligence update for Gmail, “Over the next 15 days, end users will begin to see ‘top results’ when they search their inboxes, featured above the ‘all results’ section.”

Google’s machine-learning models power the new category. The new feature will analyze the search term, latest emails, and other relevant factors to figure out which messages are the best match for the query.

The news is the latest in a line of strategic changes for the email service. Once a Google account is inactive for complete two years, the company may delete the account, including all content and data. In February, the Company completed the rollout of its new Gmail interface for all users, which featured a redesign and importance on its other productivity tools. 

The strategic shifts align with the Company’s recent cost-cutting measures and CEO’s plans to make the firm 20% more productive.

Google said, “The recent feature is highly requested and it would be available to all account holders and customers.”

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