Amazon is Using Generative Artificial Intelligence to Summarize Product Reviews

Amazon is using generative artificial intelligence to help users for finding the right product.

Amazon recently started testing a feature in its shopping application that uses Generative AI to summarize reviews given by consumers on some products. It provides a brief summary of what shoppers liked and not liked about the product, along with a mention that the summary is generated using AI from the text of consumer reviews.

The latest feature was first spotted by Mark Wieczorek, who is a technology chief of Amazon marketing agency Fortress Brand.

Amazon confirmed that it is testing the feature. It didn’t share specific details about how this feature works or what kinds of AI models are being used to summarize product reviews and generate text.

Amazon spokesperson Lindsay Shanahan said, “We are significantly investing in generative AI across all of our businesses.”

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in the recent past said, “Generative AI and large language models stand to transform and improve virtually every customer experience.”

Using AI to summarize product reviews could prove to be useful for shoppers.