Twitter’s Traffic Declines as Meta’s Threads Surpasses 100 Million Users in Just 5 Days

User traffic on Twitter has declined since the release of Meta’s text-based app Threads, which has already crossed 100 million sign-ups since its launch last week.

Threads app is being touted by executives of Meta as a more positive public square for groups of people who have never really embraced Twitter in its entirety.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “Threads reached 100 million sign-ups over the weekend. That’s mostly organic demand and we haven’t even turned on many promotions yet. I can’t believe it’s only been 5 days!”

Twitter appears to have taken a slight hit as Twitter’s traffic was seen as tanking.

According to Similarweb, “Web traffic to Twitter was down 5% for the first two full days Threads was generally available compared to the previous week. Twitter’s web traffic is down 11% compared to the same days in 2022.”

The increasing growth on Threads is tied to an existing social media network, Meta’s Instagram. Users can sign up with their existing profile details on Instagram and can retain some of their followers as others sign up for the app.

Threads surpassed the 100 million milestone even speedier than OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which took two months to cross 100 million monthly users.

The Threads app still has more scope to grow. If Threads retains its user base, it can solidify its place as a real competitor for Twitter.